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Angel Mason Broadus, the President and Founder of Puzzle Pieces Marketing (PPM) has nearly 20 years experience in strategic marketing, market segmentation, market development and social networking/ marketing. She excels at developing strategic marketing and market development campaigns, generating leads, deploying programs, and accelerating revenue with limited marketing budgets.

Angel is also terrified of frogs. She can’t even look at photos of them. Fictional frogs, such as Kermit, are tolerable. But if there were only two paths to get somewhere, one with a frog in the middle of it and one with a rattlesnake, Angel would happily choose Rattlesnake Road. It’s called ranidaphobia, and it’s real, but let’s get back to her bio…

Prior to founding PPM, Angel led the diagnostics market expansion efforts at ResMed Inc, one of the world’s leading sleep apnea therapy and diagnostics medical device manufacturers. Angel and her team directed ResMed’s regulatory and lobbying efforts and drove the initiative to develop new CPT medical billing codes for unattended sleep studies. In addition to market development and regulatory affairs, Angel headed up concept development, design and production of a range of projects including corporate identity programs, trade show advertising, marketing collateral, direct mail campaigns, exhibit graphics, web branding, site design and lead generation for the entire diagnostics product and market segment.

Another pet peeve of Angel’s is eggs. Boiled, scrambled, poached – she hates all eggs. So please don’t ever make the mistake of serving her an omelette at a breakfast. She’s not afraid of eggs like she is frogs. She just can’t stand them. (Hmm, wonder how she feels about frog eggs?) Oops, we’ve digressed again…

Angel also held the positions of Global Marketing and Senior Product Manager at Smiths Medical and Cardinal Health, two leading medical device manufacturers. Here, Angel conducted market research, market gap analysis, tracking and coordination of all new product introductions including the development of go-to-market strategy, product design, testing, production, and manufacturing.

There are many things Angel loves. Baked goods, candy, all puppies and the ‘70s TV show “Three’s Company” come to mind. She also loves to freeze water in thin slices at the bottom of Tupperware, then feast on the big old ice planks. (Are you even reading this?)

As a result of her development of creative, unique marketing and successful campaigns, entrepreneurial drive, and commitment to community, Angel received honors as a 2018 San Diego Magazine – Woman of the Year nominee, 2016 San Marcos Boys & Girls Club – Champions for Youth Award Winner, 2010 San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year and a 2010 nomination for the San Diego Business Journal’s, Women Who Mean Business Award.

Oh my God, was that a frog outside?

Some stuff she likes to do in her “spare” time

– United Way of San Diego, Women United Steering Committee and Marketing Committee member
– Boys & Girls Club of Greater San Diego Marketing Committee Chair
– Board Member – Moonlight Cultural Foundation
– Board Member – North County Philanthropy Council
– Board Member – Point Loma Nazarene Marketing Advisory Board
– Member – Public Relations Society of America
– Member – North County African American Women’s Association

Previous Positions Held

– Board Member – Fan of The Feather (2012 – 2017)
– Ambassador for Youth – Boys and Girls Club of San Marcos (2012 – 2016)
– Board Member – San Marcos Chamber of Commerce (2012 – 2014)
– Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce – VP of Communications and Public Relations